What would you like to learn if we opened a digital media lab in your community?


“A media lab will help the community in so many ways with different issues.”


“I want to learn how to make a website.”


“I’d love to make music because music tells a story.”


“I love the idea of teaching community-based media and storytelling in our neighborhood.”


“I’d like to learn radio production so that everybody out there can hear my voice.”


“I’d like to learn to articulate and put together a well-made video.”


“Seeing this happen is a personal thing for me because learning is what I love to do.”

Opening in Spring 2014

The St. Claude Lab will be a storefront educational space on the corner of Independence Street and St. Claude Avenue that bridges the classroom with professional designers and the community. Working with local elementary schools, art galleries, and creative organizations, the Lab will provide educational workshops that address local issues through design, research, and technology. Students will engage in practical, interdisciplinary problem-solving projects that draw upon the resources of New Orleans’s creative community.


Meet the Team

Digital Media for Beginners

The goal is to teach participants the basic concepts necessary for successful use of the computer as a graphic tool, including paint and drawing software fundamentals, basic microcomputer operation, the care of systems and familiarity with a variety of computer operating systems. Participants will complete a portfolio as a final course product.

Visual Communication and Design

Participants explore the creative process of making images that can move ideas and information to an audience, whether for commercial or creative goals. The general principles in this course are the foundation of creative thinking and successful solutions for graphic design, illustration, and advertising communication problems. Participants will complete a portfolio as a final course product.

Storytelling Narratives

How do we honor and preserve the stories and wisdom that come from the people around us? This course will delve into the process of finding, interviewing, and editing digital stories about the people we love. Over six sessions, we will explore existing documentary video portraits, discuss different approaches to video portraiture, learn basic technical film and audio procedures, select and interview individuals, and edit our own stories to share at a community screening.


More Courses

Design Solutions for Community Issues

Students will be introduced to the design process by identifying community issues and developing proposals for possible design solutions. Students will be introduced to basic research tools and methods, and consider the relationship between communities and institutions in resolving social and economic issues.

Web Design for Young People

This course introduces the concepts and structures of online communications, and employing interactive digital media. Lessons will be geared towards moving students towards the completion of a specific project. A variety of digital tools and procedures will be studied, including scripting, text editing, graphics processing, Web browsing, file transmission and Web page design.

Digital Storytelling Basics

Travel into the depths of your favorite personal or fictional story and explore ways to share it meaningfully to a wider audience. This course will explore the basics of storytelling, the process of creating images for narrative, material approaches, and online tools that can contribute to the creation of beautiful story-sharing. Over ten sessions, students will write and develop their own stories, collect and produce visual content, edit, critique, and prepare to share their final works at a community screening.


More Workshops


We’ve already secured grants from ArtPlace and St. Claude Main Street, Cox Communications and the Jazz & Heritage Foundation. Now we ask for your support to get the Lab off the ground!

We are looking for volunteers, and accepting donations of furniture, equipment and materials. If you know a business or individual who would be a good match, please get in touch with us at


Or, make a direct tax-deductible donation via Paypal to, with a note specifying “St. Claude Lab.”

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